Sense. Stockholm, 2011

Few people can say, in all honesty, that they enjoy the cumbersome tasks of clearing the table, washing the dishes and tidying up. How do you make cooking and clearing the kitchen an enjoyable moment for friends and family?

Sense achieves this by simplifying the process and combining functions into one single all-around working station, which is composed of a series of induction panels that can be used for preparing, cooking and serving food. The table is composed of two different sized modular panels that can be moved to create hundreds of worktop combinations. The modules can be flipped to provide a flat surface for food preparation and a sheet of ferromagnetic metal heats up through induction to cook the food directly on the surface, resulting in minimum heat dispersion.

Sense's dining surface provides comfortable sitting space for six people. A simple touch screen interface in each module controls temperature and the rounded corners of the base allow for easy removal of the plates, which can be washed and stored in the integrated dishwasher.
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