Plantagen NV. Copenhagen, 2015

As production struggles to keep up with demand, we are witnessing a decline in quality and value per unit of produce. A paradigm shift is thus needed to foster greater collaboration between the fields of waste management, energy harvesting and food production, as well as to increase profitability and quality within the food value chain.

Plantagen NV will implement a new model of urban agriculture that is capable of converting restaurant waste streams into new nutrient sources for on site production of resource efficient, high quality food. By integrating eco-innovative food production technologies with vacant spaces of existing real estate, Plantagen NV will act as a platform for implementing effective methods and practices for resource ­efficient food production. This will be achieved by converting the effluent from one production module into a primary resource for the next. The application of diverse production methods bound in a mosaic of mutualistic relations has the advantage of generating a more resilient, diverse and efficient system.

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