Grønttorvet Spisehus. Copenhagen, 2017

Waste is potentially our largest resource – it certainly is our cheapest and most environmentally friendly one. With recycled and upcycled building materials it is possible to create both healthy and aesthetically pleasing urban spaces.

By exploiting the potential of recycled building materials and circular food loops, the goal of this project was to create Denmark’s most sustainable dining house. It is based on this ambition that the house will function as a self-sufficient community centre / public kitchen and raise awareness on the effect of our daily choices regarding food. A common dining house where excess materials constantly move from one system to another, thus completely eliminating the idea of waste. The dining house will be an example of how to mitigate carbon emissions by reusing existing building materials such as concrete (33,300 m3), brick (4000 m2) and glass (31,000 kg) already present on-site.

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