About Me

Daniel Veenboer is an Industrial Design Engineer specialising in the field of ecological design, a biomimetic approach to design that harnesses living processes to create systems that are efficient and essentially waste free. He is an accomplished designer, adept at bridging the gap between the fields of ecological engineering, sustainable agriculture, industrial design and architecture. As a certified permaculturist, Daniel’s vision is to apply the patterns, flows and relationships found in nature to create holistic agro-ecosystems that encompass the triple bottom line. He has honed his skills through an interdisciplinary ensemble of projects, including an urban farm for Noma, a modular Research Greenhouse and the Urban Nature Exhibition for Københavns Museum.  

Want to get in touch? Feel free to send an email to mail@danielveenboer.com or call at (+45) 52 47 57 80.

Career Path

Present. Urban Metabolism
Lendager Group (Copenhagen)

2016. Project Manager / Lead Designer
Noma Farm Lab (Copenhagen)

2015. Creative Director / Industrial Design Engineer
BIOARK (Copenhagen)

2014. Industrial Design Internship
3XN/GXN Architects (Copenhagen)

2012/2014. MSc Industrial Design Engineering
Delft University of Technology (Delft)

2012. Master of European Design (MEDes) Exchange
Konstfack University (Stockholm)

2009/2012. BA Industrial Product Design
Politecnico di Milano (Milan)


Design for Sustainability. I believe that product innovation is directly linked to sustainability. It is this principle that motivates me to strive for a balance between social, economic, and environmental cohesion in all of my projects. 

Integrated Food Systems. I have dedicated thousands of hours of research to developing a holistic understanding of trends, practices and technologies linked to this topic.

Concept Development / R&D. I thrive in the front-end innovation phase of a project, when design specifications and user needs are explored and translated into novel solutions to existing problems. 

CAD / Prototyping / Photography / Graphic Design. You can count on my 3D modelling, physical prototyping, photography, and graphic design skills when it comes to refining the visual identity of a project, presenting ideas to clients and creating stunning aesthetics.


• 500.000 DKK acquired in funds through the Innovationsfonden for the design and programming of Noma's Urban Farm

• Ingeniøren article acclaiming the Plantagen NV project

• Granted annotation in "Technology in Sustainable Development (TiSD)" from TU Delft

• 6/6 star rating of Urban Nature exhibition on Politiken

• Awarded "Best Graduate of 2012" by Frame Magazine

• Finalist for the 2012 Equip'Innov competition in the Dining Room category with Supherb

• Two year MEDes scholarship granted by the Politecnico di Milano

• Undergoing scientific publication of BA thesis paper

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