Join the Loop. Malmö, 2017

The dawn of the 21st century has seen a decrease of heavy industry in Europe with large spatial leftovers forming around the derelict production sites of the past. Varvsstaden is one such site, as an ex-shipyard that employed 6000 people at its peak. The goal of this development project was to translate the district’s cultural heritage into a new narrative founded on a paradigm of resilience and adaptiveness.

By deviating from the linear city approach and instead looking for inspiration in nature's self-sustaining ecosystems, all urban entities can become mutually beneficial, thus eliminating the notion of waste. Instead of considering the 40 meter high warehouses as problematic constructions to be demolished, they become material banks through which the new Varvsstaden will be built. The overarching goal is to plan, design and build Varsstaden in a way that promotes cooperation and sharing between companies and residents. This will create a 'loop', which preserves the potential of all resources. This 'loop' is a new type of ecosystem that aims to increase economic performance and to improve the quality of the environment through urban symbiosis. 

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