Rickshaw 2.0. Varanasi, 2014

You don't always get the chance to design a new cycle rickshaw for the Indian market, but when you do you have to make the most of your time on the field. One month of research, followed by two months of concept development and prototyping lead to a successful and unexpected new cycle rickshaw that greatly improved the livelihood of the drivers of Varanasi. 

By simplifying the design of the vehicle and drastically reducing the number of components, it was possible to shave off weight and save on cost, as well as improving the efficiency of the supply chain. A detachable backrest and added seating space meant that the drivers could take a comfortable nap or choose to use the rickshaw for transporting goods. New steering and pedal straps improved the manoeuvrability and stability of the vehicle and extra luggage space was added below the passenger seat. To top it all off, a modular system for mounting the roof structure was made from steel water pipes and joints to allow production to be shifted to the workshops of the client company.
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