Bioteket. Copenhagen, 2016

Bioteket is an educational exhibition space that disseminates knowledge about circular economy and sustainable living. Sponsored by the Nordea Fund, the construction of the facility was completed in the winter of 2016. Thanks to the support of Osramhuset, Gro Selv and many volunteers, Bioteket offers cultural events and workshops on urban agriculture, biohacking, cooking, food sharing and waste management. Through participatory learning and action, the project aims to inspire young people to adopt sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

The structure is built out of four 40-foot shipping containers that were cut and assembled on site. A tailor-made greenhouse was retrofitted to the steel frame of the shipping containers and connected to a kitchen on the ground floor via a second-hand spiral staircase. An aquaponic system was later installed to grow herbs and greens for a café situated in the greenhouse.

As project leader, my tasks involved concept development and detailing of the design, budgeting, time planning and construction management. I also assisted in the construction and painting of the structure. 

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