Noma Farm Lab. Copenhagen, 2016 - 2017

The Farm Lab is an innovation project supported by Innobooster in collaboration with Noma and MAD, aimed at creating a gastronomic, economic, and human-centered argument for intensive agricultural spaces within the confines of a city. The ultimate outcome of the project will be to encourage a paradigm shift towards a culinary-driven farming model, as well as to rethink idle urban spaces as productive and recreative agricultural ecosystems. 

The Farm Lab will apply a culinary-driven farming approach, tailored to the needs of the chefs working at Noma. The unique integration of farm and restaurant allows the Farm Lab to surpass the limitations of a conventional urban farm, by sharing resources and knowledge between two key actors in the food value chain. Essentially a fusion of urban farm and botanical garden, the farm will provide an engaging environment that elevates food production to a higher purpose, offering a creative palette of crops for the chefs to experiment with culinarily. This new model of “botanical farm” would grant chefs access to the entire lifecycle of their ingredients, from seed to mature plant and back to seed. In addition to generating unique insights and flavour-enhancing techniques, the botanical farm will also eliminate the waiting time related to the delivery of produce. The plot will thus become an intersection of innovation and tradition, where traditional crop varieties are grown using novel techniques, and unique varieties are cultivated using age-old practices.

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